The Camp Opportunity family mourns the death of one of its selfless members

Andrew PochterWhile interning in Egypt with a Non-Profit organization, Andrew Pochter, a highly respected and dedicated supporter of Camp Opportunity was tragically killed during the political riots in Egypt’s coastal town of Alexandria on June 28, 2013.

When Andrew was in Egypt and unable to attend the graduation party, he wrote this camper this heartfelt letter (click here).

A dedication to Andrew Pochter on behalf of Camp Opportunity:

Andrew Pochter, an incredibly kind and compassionate young man was an active member in the Camp Opportunity Community since 2008 when he was 16 years old.  His service to our organization and to the lives of the children we serve have been immeasurable.  His calming but playful demeanor uplifted countless people in the Camp Opportunity community and his infinite generosity won the admiration of all of us. He had wisdom beyond his years and a passion for peace and unity that inspired us all.

Learning of the untimely and inexplicable loss of his bright and promising young life leaves us in pain and with a deep sense of loss. We cherish the time we were able to share with him.  We will honor his memory by continuing our mission to make the world a better place.

Andrew, we thank you for your personal contribution to a world where children are victims of birth and circumstance. Where the few who sacrifice their own comforts and reach out to the children who are desperate for hope, for safety, and for someone who will reach out and show them a better world. Rest in peace dear friend. Your sense of responsibility and servanthood reached well beyond your years. Many live longer than you, but few achieve true significance and achieve such personal greatness as you have.

In a statement to the press, the Pochter Family writes:

“He went to Egypt because he cared profoundly about the Middle East, and he planned to live and work there in the pursuit of peace and understanding,” Pochter’s family said in the statement. “Andrew was a wonderful young man looking for new experiences in the world and finding ways to share his talents while he learned.”