Executive Assistant Job Description

Camp Opportunity is seeking an enthusiastic professional to help grow our organization.

Estimated 10 hours of work per week, not to exceed 40 hours per month without written
approval. $20 per hour. Paid monthly. Employee will attend 3+ monthly meetings at established
meeting places in Ellicott City, Towson, and Baldwin, MD. Employee will “work from home” (or
wherever appropriate) to perform weekly tasking.


The Executive Assistant will work to enable excellence within the organization and for its
stakeholders. He/she will be the communications center of the organization and will keep track
of major items requiring follow up. He/she will be the primary point of contact for the
organization during the work-day.


Board Meeting Responsibilities*
Annual Fundraiser

  • Assist with marketing and communications
  • Assist with event planning and logistics
  • Assist with event execution

Assist chairperson with physical and digital communications
Set up meetings between organization members and business/government associates


Executive Team Meeting Responsibilities*
Maintains master schedule

  • Event calendar
  • Deadlines for renewals & applications

Maintain contact list “database”

  • Donors
  • Volunteers
  • Campers

Monitors & contributes to Facebook page
Answer telephone (number forwarded to personal line) and communicate messages to
intended recipient

Annual Report – Collect contributions from authors

Write & send quarterly updates

  • January: Annual Report
  • April: Annual Fundraiser
  • July: Pre-camp
  • October: Post-camp


Planning Team Meeting Responsibilities*
Coordinates camper/parent appointments for Camp Director
Coordinates camper attendance at interim events

* Meetings

  • Maintain Schedule (Dates & Times)
  • Send Reminders (2 days in advance)
  • Take Notes
  • Distribute Notes
  • Maintain list of “Action Items”