Interested in becoming a volunteer? Welcome!

Please fill out the short online application so we can get to know you better: Camp Opportunity Short Online Application

For information about volunteering opportunities, please contact us by e-mailing info@campopportunity.org or call (443) 879-9878.

Volunteers are the most important part of the Camp Opportunity program. One of our greatest accomplishments is that our camp is staffed exclusively by unpaid volunteers that are so dedicated to the cause that they willingly give up a great deal of their time to mentor and support the children.  Without these dedicated people who volunteer their time, many children who would greatly benefit from Camp Opportunity’s programs, would miss out on the valuable lessons and life experiences that our summer camp and other interim events offer.  For many campers, Camp Opportunity is their first vacation away from home, and the memories that they develop will last forever.  We take pride in the fact that our volunteers represent a great variety of ages, races, ethnicities, creed, political affiliations, and sexual orientations.

There are many different ways to volunteer your time and services to Camp Opportunity:

  • Be a Camp Counselor

  • Be a Volunteer Driver

  • Get involved with Camp Planning

  • Support the Board of Directors

Be a Camp Counselor:

As a camp counselor, you are assigned one camper.  All counselors are expected to remain with their camper at all times, and camper-counselor pairs generally function as a “team”. You would be required to remain at the camp for the duration of the week.

To volunteer, you must be at least 16 years old. Volunteer counselors undergo rigorous screening. Volunteers under the age of 18 must receive parental/guardian permission to attend. It is Camp Opportunity’s policy to provide equal opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual preference, age, or disability.

In addition to helping an at-risk child who grows and matures through the camp program, many counselors develop long-lasting friendships with other counselors that continue long after the week of camp ends. Many counselors return year after year, and find that the week of camp is almost as rewarding for them as it is for their camper.

Be a Volunteer Driver:

We provide transportation for every camper to and from every Camp Opportunity event with the help of people willing to offer their time and chauffeur services.  Drivers are needed 4 days out of the year. The Camp Opportunity Transportation Policy is available here.

Get involved with Camp Planning:

One week of summer camp requires months of intense planning and prepping by a strong team of diverse people.  We hold planning meetings all year long leading up to the week of camp.  Many tasks are assigned and various committees are formed to develop plans for the theme of each year’s camp, scheduling, activity planning, and purchasing.

Support the Board of Directors:

If you have a specialty that could be beneficial to the Board of Directors or if you are a professional who can offer expertise to the organization, contact the Chairperson of the Board at chairperson@campopportunity.org


Have any interest in grant writing, hosting fundraisers, or collecting donations at your job or in your community on behalf of Camp Opportunity?  Please contact Roz Healy for further details at roz@campopportunity.org