What to Pack

Things to Bring:
– shorts for each day
– 2 pairs of pants (nights can be chilly)
– sweat shirt or jacket
– 1 pair of jeans (for Capture the Flag)
– shirts for each day (multiple are needed most days)
– socks/underwear for each day
– sneakers or other closed toe shoes (for the woods)
– sandals or flip flops (for the pool and shower)
– bathing suit: Female staff should not wear bikinis
– towels/wash cloths for showering
– towel for pool
– bug spray and sunscreen
– soap and shampoo
– toothbrush and toothpaste
– deodorant (please)
– pajamas or other appropriate sleepwear
– bedding (or sleeping bag) for twin bed. Sheets are recommended.
– pillow
– plastic shower tote
– flashlight with batteries
– your regular medications (all must be turned over to the nurse)
– CPR Certification/Service Learning paperwork if you have it

Optional Items:
– a musical instrument if you play one
– blow dryer
– props or costumes for Friday night talent show/campfire skits
– a large plastic bag, laundry bag, or small laundry basket for dirty laundry
– pool shoes
– fan
– alarm clock
– skits and talent show ideas

Do not Bring:
– radios, TVs, etc.
– large sums of money
– alcohol or illegal drugs
– weapons or anything that resembles weapons
– valuables (you are responsible for your stuff)